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“Lynn has been pet sitting Molly, my Westie, since 2003 when Molly was a puppy.  Lynn is the most dependable and trustworthy person I have had the privilege of working with in such a capacity.  She is a role model for all small business owners in the art of customer service and service delivery.  She is straight forward and excellent in her attention to detail.  She also offers sound, experienced advice that is spot on.  I would recommend Lynn to anyone seeking a top notch pet setting business.”

“I have been using Loving Care Pet Sitting Service for the past three and a half years. Lynn Virshup has walked my dog Sadie four times a week, every week, during that time period.

The most important thing to know about Lynn is that she is very responsible.  Lynn is very careful to make sure that she knows when I need for her to walk Sadie, as sometimes my schedule changes.  Lynn has never missed a day during that entire time period.  Lynn also leaves a note every day telling me what they did.  She tells me if Sadie did all of her business and that Sadie has fresh water and a treat (Sadies favorite part).

I also know that Lynn really cares about Sadie.  One day, Sadie became sick during the day.  Lynn tried to reach me several times to let me know.  When she finally reached me, Lynn took Sadie to the vet and picked her up afterwards.  I don’t know what I would have done without Lynn, as I could not leave work to take care of Sadie.

The best part about having Lynn walk Sadie is knowing that I don’t have to worry about Sadie during the day.  I trust Lynn to take care of Sadie, and I know that Sadie likes Lynn.  It makes me feel better to know that Sadie spends some time every day with someone who cares about her while I am at work.  I don’t feel as bad about leaving her all day.  I highly recommend Lynn Virshup and Loving Care Pet Sitting Service.

“I’ve been using Lynn for over 3 years and she’s extremely reliable, thorough, and good to our animals.  We feel very safe leaving our home and pets in her hands and feel fortunate to have found someone we can trust.”

“I wouldn’t trust anyone else to watch our pets when we’re out of town. Lynn Virshup is very conscientious of our home and is very concerned of our pets’ welfare. I wouldn’t use anyone else!”
D. K.

“Lynn Virshup has tended to my two German Shepherds, Kelli & Kora, for over 3 years. I travel on business and have used her pet services exclusively.

She gets along well with my dogs. They like Lynn and are comfortable around her. When I return from a trip I find Kelli and Kora calm, secure, and happy. Having Lynn take care of them means they can stay in their own home among familiar surroundings. Lynn makes it a priority to feed and care for them exactly as I have instructed.

Lynn is trustworthy, dependable, and reliable. She has always made time in her schedule when I needed her to watch after Kelli & Kora. If you are in need of a Pet Sitter, I would encourage you to use Loving Care Pet Sitting Services.”

“I have been a client of Lynn Virshup’s Loving Care Pet Sitting for over two years now and cannot say enough about the service that I have received. I am the proud owner of two extremely spoiled cats and like most pet owners, I consider them a part of my family. Unfortunately, my career requires me to travel frequently so I needed a pet sitting service which would provide me the peace of mind that my cats would be well taken care of.  A co-worker recommended Lynn, whom he had been using for years.  I was immediately impressed at our first meeting where she asked for and required information that I had not thought of signifying that she had my pet’s well being as her number one priority.  From that point forward and with every visit she makes my impression grows. Over the years she has given me great advice on the care of my cats and has developed a wonderful relationship with them.

Lynn’s professionalism, attention to detail and diligence are just a few of the attributes which have made me a multi-year client of Loving Care.  But the one thing that has solidified me as a life long client is the dedication to the care and well being of animals that Lynn lives by and displays day to day.  She is truly committed to providing the best possible care that she can to her client’s family members.

I give Lynn and Loving Care Pet Sitting the highest recommendation possible.  She provides me the confidence when I am away that everything will be all right and I know that if a situation does occur she has the experience and intuitiveness to stay calm and make the right decisions.  I consider this a luxury and because of it I can concentrate on work when out of town on business and when on vacation I can truly relax and enjoy myself.

Thanks Lynn  you’re the best!”